Self-Induced Insomnia

25 02 2010

I like to think I’m a clever chap – though I must admit, I don’t revise enough. Nor do I pay enough attention. I’m one of those “good, but he’d excel if only he  had the right work ethic and motivation” guys – Yep, you know them, and you probably hate them. ie I’m a life and opportunity waster.

I’m a sciency guy – I find physics just fascinating. Taking it at Advanced Higher just now. It’s great – electric and magnetic fields, electrostatic potential, Lenz’s law, gravity, rotational dynamics.. It’s all extremely interesting. However, one phrase caught my eye. It’s when talking about inductors, and how if the current across one is changing, it induces a back EMF. This works nicely with Lenz’s law, aswell as general Conservation of Energy laws. Its called “Self Induced Inductance”. “Self Induced” – cause by ones self..

I hate sleeping. I feel like time is slipping through my fingers at a rate I can’t control or comprehend. And I’m scared. I’m a teenager, leaving school this year for University, but I feel like I’m growing old too fast? No. I feel like time is just slipping by. I hate sleeping, because it seems like such a waste of time. About 8 hours a night is the recommended amount. 8 hours! How many books could I read extra a week using that time? How many weights could I lift in that time? How much of that I use to extend my knowledge in a way that would benefit my future career path?

Lots and lots and lots. And I hate that.

But we NEED sleep. Our bodies and minds NEED to rest. It’s necessary, and it’s like that for a reason. So maybe I don’t hate sleeping, but instead, I hate that I’m not fully in control of my bodies wants and needs?

In a way, this relates to Lenz’s law. The conservation of energy. The law of cussodness. Somewhere, there are a set of rules, a set of no no’s. And this is right there in bold, fixed-width, riiight at the top.

So while I’m lying awake in bed tonight, and the next night, and the next, desperately grasping on to the last moments of consciousness, I’ll be thinking of this article. And of how, maybe, this blog will help me to comprehend how I can fix not just this problem, but many of my others. I mean, a problem shared is a problem half-solved, right?


What I’ve been up to recently?

20 10 2009

Well, the true answer – not much.

I’m fairly happy with my linux setup right now – atleast, I haven’t felt the burning urge to distro-hop away from Arch Linux. However, hardware-wise, I’m extremely unhappy. Infact, it’s more than that. I’m angry. This laptop is a load of bum. However, I’m at a time where buying a new laptop, although economically sound, would just be silly. Reasoning here: Well, I’ll be going off to university next year (yeap, to study Computer Science), for which I’ll need a decent laptop for research and what-not. Buying one now will just cost me about £500, where as holding off till next year will cost me £500, but for a better-equiped laptop. So for now, I’ll hold up with this heap of black-plastic’d Dell rubbish.

I have also recently taken down my linux file server. I found it to be too much hassle. It wasn’t going to plan in it’s last few weeks – None of the automated scripts ran properl, I ran into some FileSystem integrity problems which meant that it could crash at anytime, taking out all the media held on it. Also, it has some serious hardware problems – It kept rebooting. However, this shouldn’t come as such a surprise – It was ancient. 667MHz Celeron isn’t something to mourn over. However, a fully functioning SSH, file and music server is.

So my plan is to save up some spare dosh, and buy a cheap barebones kit. I’ll then install Linux (maybe Debian or CentOS this time) onto a fast USB flash drive, and use that as root. I can then buy a 1TB drive, or maybe just a 500GB hard drive, and use that purely for file storage. Might even buy two identical drives, and set them up in a RAID configuration, to safe-guard my precious media.

Do you have any tech ideas? Whats your next move? Let me know in the comment section 🙂