First post!

17 08 2009

Best thing about a blog: you’re guaranteed first post 🙂

So this is Knee Deep In Nix. A humble blog, depicting someones experiences with Linux. It’s nothing special. It’s really just because,

1) I’ve never done a blog before.

2) I might forget the stuff I learn. This is a way to archive it. And,

3) Hopefully it will help other people. Hopefully..

I have this problem you see; I’m never really comfortable with my setup, computer-wise. I’m always googling for ways to make it faster, more efficient, easier, less resource-intensive. Always. I’m sure some of you readers are the same.

I started using Windows XP. I loved it. It was nippy, especially when I saw how sluggish my friends’ computers were due to Vista on pre-vista hardware. I kept the laptop spotless; defragging every few nights, virus-scanning every other night. Not a single problem with it. Except, it always felt kind of wrong – it felt too glossy, asthough a thin plastic film was between me and the software, blocking me a little. As much as I stripped XP back, I could never get passed this feeling. Thats when I found Linux.

I started with Ubuntu. Made a small partition, installed it, along with GRUB – allowing me to dual boot XP and Ubuntu. It was amazing. Until I ran into driver problems with the BCM43xx wireless card. After getting past those, I ran into wireless problems – Ubuntu 9.04 couldn’t connect to my WPA-secure access point (AP).

Then I found Arch Linux. It was a damn big jump, going from the user-friendly Ubuntu to the gritty Arch. But it was great. I got to build a setup, for me. Not for the general consumer, but for me. After again getting past driver support problems, I could install what I wanted, when I wanted, and configure it to exactly how I wanted it.

I started dabbling in Ubuntu around June. I had a full Arch Linux system up and running by the end of July.

Since then, I’ve installed Arch onto a friends old old old PC, and turned it into a fully functional headless file and media server. It’s surprisingly useful.

Anyways, that’s the first post done. Not very exciting, but I thought you deserved some background information :).

What I’m currently listening to:

Jose Gonzalez – Veneer. Entire album on repeat 🙂